No matter your lifestyle, background, ethnicity, class, career, or sex we've all dealt with self esteem issues at some point in our lives. What I've realized over time is that you have to love yourself first before you expect someone to love you. No one can make you fe...


As I scrolled down my instagram feed yesterday afternoon, I was smiling so hard when I saw British Vogue's editor in chief, Edward Enninful announce that rapper and singer Lizzo is their December cover star. In our recent talks on the importance of representation it ma...


 In 2016 women made up less than one-third of protagonists in top movies. In 2015, just over a quarter of speaking roles went to people of color in 2015’s top movies. Black, Asian and Latin actors were completely left out of acting categories in the Academy Awards in 2...


Traveling can be very stressful; not knowing the language, which restaurants to eat in and which ones to avoid, how to dress for the different climate... Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple tips on what to expect and what not to do when traveling to Italy...


 This morning actress and activist Yara Shahidi announced her new partnership with the cosmetics company Bobbi Brown. Yara stated in a People Magazine Exclusive that this partnership is so much more than just makeup.

“I actually use the product, but the brand aligns wi...


On a recent episode of the Freeform series grown-ish  there was a conversation about the importance of consent while having sex. Oftentimes we hear stories about women AND men being taken advantage of while intoxicated (sometimes even being sober). The term they used i...


We constantly hear the phrase "trust the process”. How come it’s so much easier said than done? I wish I could just tell myself to relax and let things fall where they may but it’s just not that easy. “Trusting the process” truly comes with growth and maturity.  You ha...


We've all had or have that one person and/or "ex" that we can't get rid of.  That person that we just can't seem to shake no matter how hard we try. If you haven't dealt with this personally then you've defiantly  seen this unfold with your friends, family members and...


Decorating your dorm room is the most exciting part of moving into your new space. You begin scrolling through Pinterest to come up with ideas and color schemes. Before you know it you’re wish list is more than your budget.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite color scheme;...


Last year was full of great accomplishments from rapper and internet personality Cardi B. We seen Cardi become a trailblazer in her field OVER NIGHT. We seen her top the Billboard charts, break hip hop records, BET Awards nominations, being interviewed by top dogs in t...

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