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Monday is here again and I want to get your energy right for the new work week.  Remember that this a new week for new goals, new opportunities, new journey and another chance at life, Be blessed!

 DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller- Wild Thoughts

Ty Dolla $ign- Ex



When I am in the mood to unwind and relax for the day these are the tracks I play to vibe out. Comment below your favorite track you play to unwind...... 


   SweetSexySavage                                        You Should Be Here                         Honey...



As far back as I can remember I have always been taught to help others. As a child you learn that helping is a nice thing to do and you definitely want to be a nice person. I can remember images of the nice young man helping a little old lady cross the street with h...


Have you ever been so passionate about something but actually scared to share this gift to world because you are afraid of what people may think or say? I think we all have been there at one point. Sometimes it’s so hard to share your passions, thoughts or ideas with t...


“That is my greatest fear. That if, I lost control or did not have control … Things would just, you know, it would be fatal.” 

Oftentimes when you hear or think about the word control it is looked at as something negative. I guess it depends on how you view things in li...


Happy 1st Birthday !!!!!!!

I can't believe it has really been a year since I've started my blog. So much has happen and so much has changed. The growth so far has been amazing and I am excited to see how far we go!! I have had a chance to colla...


Learning To Love Yourself

Hey guys ! How have you been?

This topic has been stuck on my mind these last few days. You guys know I love fashion and beauty but my ultimate goal with my blog is to promote self- love. Loving yourself is so important and it is something that...

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Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2020: Best Dressed List


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