the brigethia arai experience

Would you like to be Styled by Brigethia? We offer a few different styling services to choose from. Each service has a mandatory down payment of $25.00 USD.


Wardrobe Revamp

Starting at $250.00

Do you think that you have some great pieces in your wardrobe already but you need help putting them together?


This package is perfect for you because we can work with what you already have and create some new looks. Brigethia Arai will help you expand your wardrobe and will leave you with a list a few fashion essentials you may need to have the perfect wardrobe for you . She will also provide you with places you can find these essential pieces.


Starting at $100.00

Do you have an important event to go to and you need a show stopping look? The event styling package is the right choice for you!


Brigethia Arai will set up a time with you and figure out the look that you would like to go for. It will be tailored to your unique style and personality. The budget will be discussed and also the time frame that we have before the event.  Depending on if you would like to go out and shop in the store or would like to shop online the prices will differ.


Starting at $200.00

Are you going on a business trip or even a family vacation and you need all of your looks put together for you?


This package will put together 10-12 looks from head-to-toe (depending on how long the trip is) and make sure that you are ready for your trip. 

We will discuss the budget and all the details of the trip (place, weather, type of trip, etc....)

personal shopping

Starting at $50.00/hour

Let Brigethia Arai do all of the work for you to create your dream wardrobe for the season. Whether you know your style you want to go for , want to stay with the same look or if you don't know what style you want at all, Brigethia Arai is here to help.  She will do her best to make your wardrobe come alive !

tv / photoshoot


Starting at $75.00/hour

This package is perfect for someone who needs a stylist on set with them all day. Brigethia Arai will have all looks on set and will be there to make sure the wardrobe is done correctly.

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