4th of July Outfit Ideas featuring the Beautiful Autumn Mae aka CityGirlDesertDoll !!

As the 4th of July is approaching I've decided to collab with one of my favorite fashion bloggers Autumn Mae aka CityGirlDesertDoll. We both are putting together some outfit ideas for the holiday. Hope you enjoy!

Look 1

I picked the black distressed jeans because on the 4th of July I like to be casual and comfy but cute. Black jeans are my favorite because they are very classic. The crop top adds some edge to the look and the black platform heels just makes this look turn into a grown woman. And finally the lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC cosmetics screams sexy !! A deep red lip will always do the trick! This outfit can be for a family gathering or a friend’s holiday party.

Look 2

I loveeee maxi dresses!!! This look to me was inspired by my girl Teyana Taylor totally something she'd wear. These black and white classic Adidas go great with this look. I would tie the dress at the bottom it shows a bit more curves and accentuate your hips. The necklace brings me backs to the 90s which I loveeee! Again I chose Ruby Woo by MAC cosmetics for this look because it's sexy and red lips with crispy black and white sneakers is always good. By the way who says you HAVE to wear red, white, and blue on 4th of July anyway!

Autumn Mae

The looks I’ve chosen are kind of based off my childhood memories of growing up in New York and just enjoying my youth. I remember just watching fire works in my grandmother’s back yard with the sounds of old soul music playing and even dance contests. It was great times to just play hide and seek until it got too late. Then slurping slushies and eating otter pops all day. So this is what inspired these looks but more in a grown up transformation. America is a beautiful country. We have our dark days and we have our good days but we are worth celebrating. The first look was inspired by all the American esthetics'. Converse and American made sneaker showing a style staple with this overalls and crop top combo. Perfect for chasing the fire flies at night or a family BBQ. Next look was inspired by the beach days and lake summers. I wanted more of a free spirit look while keeping in light tone colors. Feeling more like there are no problems today in the USA. Well babes here are my looks.... What do you think?


Autumn Mae

Much love,

Brigethia Arai

Make sure you guys check out Autumn's blog to see more of her great work!



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