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I got a great opportunity to interview LA blogger Fashionlaine! She is known for her fun and daring sense of style. Fashionlaine has been seen on What To , ,,NYLON Magazine,E! Online,POP SUGAR,and much more. It was an honor getting to know her.

Brigethia Arai: What or who influenced you to start blogging? Fashionlaine: A lot of my friends had encouraged me for years to start a blog because of my interesting sense of style. So one day I finally gave in and did! And in addition, going through the challenges I faced in college of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, It was really inspired to create this blog to become a voice and an example for others that they too can do anything they want. Growing up, I was always searching for that person who I was hoping to be that voice for me so it makes me feel fulfilled and happy to hopefully be that voice for others.

Brigethia Arai: How did you come up with the name FashionLaine? Fashionlaine: When I was first thinking about starting a blog, I had asked a few friends on suggestions for names. One of my friends instantly suggested the name Fashionlaine since she thought it was a cute play on my name as well as incorporating the concept of fashion into it!

Brigethia Arai: How would you describe your style in three words? Fashionlaine: Quirky, Fun, Colorful

Brigethia Arai: Who are your top 5 style icons? And why? Fashionlaine: Nicole Richie- she always puts together the most unique and creative outfits that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- they've always been the queens of style and their brands like The Row always have the best pieces. Blake Lively- I think she has amazing red carpet style Rachel Zoe- she's the original queen of bohemian chic Kelly Osbourne- I love her fun and out their style and personality-- she has really grown into being a great fashion icon look out for.

Brigethia Arai: What are your favorite places to shop? Fashionlaine: I'm loving a lot of online store right now, especially the Australian brands! My top two favorites are Sabo Skirt and Alice McCall. But I do also love the go-to's like Forever 21 which always provides me with the perfect fast-fashion trend pieces that I'm looking for.

Brigethia Arai: Who is your biggest supporter or the person that keeps you motivated? Fashionlaine: Definitely my family and friends! If there's ever a moment of doubt, they're the ones that keep motivating and pushing me to go further.

Brigethia Arai: What advice would you give a person that wants to start blogging and be in the fashion industry? Fashionlaine: To be determined and not to give up. It takes a lot of work to get into the blogging world which I think people don't really know right off the bat, but if you're passionate about it and love what you do, it will show. Also, to make sure to have fun along the way!

Brigethia Arai: What are your careers goals? Fashionlaine: I'd love to expand my brand past my blog with a clothing line, book, and more!

Brigethia Arai: What makes you different from other fashion bloggers? Fashionlaine: I think my vibrant style makes me stand out. The way I've been able to put unique outfits together that always go in line with my style and brand I think are what help make me different.

Brigethia Arai: What would you want people to know about you that they don’t? Fashionlaine: I've tried so many different things and routes before I got to what I'm doing today. I studied pre-med, took the LSAT to go to law school, worked at a big PR Firm for three years, and now have moved onto doing my blog. So if there's one thing I think is good for people to know, it's that it's okay to look into and try different things-- that way you can find what you most love and are passionate about.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this interview. If you would like to check out Fashionlaine's blog details are down below !!

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