Instagram Accounts I Follow For Fashion Inspo!

July 11, 2016


 I don't know about you guys but when I need some fashion inspiration I have a few different Instagram pages that I visit on a daily. These ladies help me when I've run our of ideas. I love to see great fashion on my timeline!



Nadia Aboulhosn

Designer , Style Blogger , and Model

Instagram @ NadiaAboulhosn







Nadia's style is super daring and sexy. I love how she's not afraid to show her curves and empowers curvy girls to dress with confidence.




Marjorie Harvey

Fashion Blogger  

Instagram @ MarjorieHarvey






 Marjorie's looks scream couture and high fashion. I adore her style so much and she is not afraid to play with patters and textures.



Shirley B. Eniang

Blogger, Youtuber, and Content Creator

Instagram @ shirleybeniang 






Shirley is probably my favorite YouTuber and blogger because of her simplicity. Her wardrobe consists of white, black, red,  gray, gold , and denim. I love everything about her style. She is  always classic and chic. 





Nyane  Lebajoa

Blogger & Youtuber  

Instagram @ NyaneLebajoa




This year I started following Nyane and I am so happy that I made that choice. She is so pretty and her style is so amazing. I love how she works her petite frame . Knowing how to dress for your body type is so important.




Sherlina M. 

Instagram @ sherlinaym





This year I followed Sherlina on Instagram. I love her style so much because she wears both casual and dressy looks. 


Amra "Amrezy" Olevic 

MUA , Entrupunuer



Amrezy is probably on of my favorite people to follow.  She's so bomb!!! SLAY QUEEN




Gabi Fresh

Style Blogger & Designer

Instagram @ GabiFresh




  Gabi Fresh is such an inspirations to me. Her style is always on trend and she loves her curves!


Thanks for reading,


Brigethia Arai


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