Zendaya's New Clothing Line For All Sizes 0-22 !

Over the years Zendaya Coleman’s style has evolved gracefully from her Disney channel days into a very sophisticated young woman. Although, Coleman is still very young her unique style is loved by many due to her timeless yet daring ambiance. With her love for fashion, Zendaya will be launching her very own clothing line “ Daya by Zendaya”, with the help of her personal stylist Law Roach. According to Vogue.com , “ The collection features pieces that fit quite seamlessly into a high-profile, revolving street-style wardrobe such as hers. The requisite stealth basics are in there—casual tanks and easy white button-down blouse, for starters—with cool look-at-me statement pieces thrown in for good measure, including a velvet green jumpsuit and blush pink slip dress with slinky side slits.”

This collection will be launching Friday, November 4, 2016. She will be doing pop up shops on November 5-6 , 2016 in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. The great thing about this collection is that there will be reasonably priced items starting at $18 up to $158. Another great thing about this collection is that there will be a variety of sizes from 0-22. Creating trendy cloths for all sizes is so important in today’s world. Zendaya catering to all body types is such a wonderful thing and it shows that she truly cares about celebrating every body type from slim to curvy. Zendaya’s ultimate goal is to create clothing with a more unconventional approach. I am so looking forward to see what Daya by Zendaya has to offer. Comment below and let me know what you think about this new collection launching.

“Clothes are supposed to be emotional. There is no right or wrong, no singular style. I went through a phase as a teenager, and I think everyone does, when I actually gave a shit about what people thought. Ultimately I grew up and realized that was no fun.”- Zendaya Coleman

For more details on this collection head over to DayaByZendaya.com


Brigethia Arai



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