Marjorie Harvey Brings The Fashion To Paris Fashion Week

I have been following Paris Fashion Week learning upcoming trends and seeing the hottest designs. I was excited to see what was in store this year and who would make my best dressed list. This years best dressed for Paris Fashion Week has to go to Mrs. Marjorie Harvey !! If you do not know who she is you have to be living under a rock! Marjorie Harvey is Steve Harvey's wife and she slays and she has even changed Steve's style in a major way. Steve gives his wife Marjorie full credit for advancing his style. I chose Marjorie for the best dressed because each of her looks are so different and so well put together. Mrs. Harvey's style is like no other and I truly enjoy seeing what she wears not only during fashion week but during her everyday life.

The first picture is with Marjorie's daughter Lori Harvey and she is wearing Iro Paris. Marjorie is wearing a black body suit paired with black thigh high stiletto boots and a Chanel sweater. The boxed cheetah clutch gives this look a couture feel along with the sunglasses.

Steve in a green tailored blazer compliments Marjorie's navy blue lace suit very well.

The Harvey's were headed to the Hermes show this day of fashion week. This is probably one of my favorite looks. The coat is absolutely beautiful. I love how structured it is and I love the detail of the gold buttons on the sleeves. The cream suede thigh high boots go perfectly with this look. Steve's outfit compliments Marjorie's very well. I love how he mixed textures with the dress pants and the leather blazer.

The Harvey's headed to the Givenchy show looking amazing. Marjorie is giving me vintage Chanel vibes with her all black look. I love Steve's white and blue look as well . The white blazer takes this outfit to a new level !

I really love this in this look how Marjorie put the lace dress and tights together. I would never think to put the two in one look along with the the black pumps. The complete look goes together so perfectly and is perfect for Paris.

I love how this bodysuit fits her body so well and I also love how effortless this look is. The peak of soft pink in the coat gives the look a nice touch.

This look is total bad ass and I love it ! The long lace blouse with the leather jacket gives me a soft edge feel.

The detail in this coat is beyond amazing. I love how Marjorie paired a simple tee, jeans , and pumps with this coat. Pairing statement items with simple pieces balances the look completely.

Comment below your favorite looks from Marjorie Harvey during this year's Paris Fashion Week .


Brigethia Arai



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