What is The Queen Sessions and Why You Should Know?

I had the great opportunity to sit down with the Creator and EIC of The Queen Sessions, Autumn Myers to learn more about the story behind the content. The Queen Sessions describes it self as a content creator for women of color, providing fresh interviews, advice, and real life articles, that will remind us that we need to be celebrated a little bit more!

The Creator and Editor in Chief of The Queen Sessions, Autumn Mae.

Brigethia Arai: What publications or writers has influenced you to become a blogger?

The Queen Sessions: It wasn’t publications I would say, it was more of the women who shared their voices. I seen a lot of influence being made from women being brave in their fashion choices and it kind of sparked something in me. I wasn’t the most confident girl in the world. Growing up I was light skinned and nerdy with glasses with frizzy curls. I lived in a all white area for all of my teenage years. So, I would feel insecure when boys didn’t find too much interest in me. So, these bloggers taught me a lot about self love honestly.

Brigethia Arai: Are there any specific life experiences that inspired you to start The Queen Sessions? And how did you come up with the name?

The Queen Sessions: I seen how mass media kept creating this division between black women, Latinas, Indians, Asians, and all women of color. We would see those memes like get you a Mei Ling instead of a Tasha. Even guys in the past I dated would say well you’re Puerto Rican and not Black because Puerto Ricans are sexier. Like hell nah! All women are beautiful and we lowkey all have the same cultural upbringings. Work hard, don’t get pregnant, get into a good school, and make your family proud. I would talk to my Latina homegirls and they would have the same experiences with their strict parents as I did.

I came up with the name because queens conquer and they have no fear. All women should be reminded that being a queen isn’t something to just call yourself. You have to be that boss babe who earns that title.

BA: How was your transition from City Girl Desert Doll to The Queen Sessions? And what are the differences between the two?

TQS: I was 17 when I started my fashion blog. I went to a lot of fashion shows and was in the game for a second. I honestly felt like this wasn’t my path in life. I knew God wanted me to do more and I heard it when I would sleep. I would wake up and have all these ideas of bringing women together. It was weird at first, but I knew this was my path.

BA: What message do you hope to send with The Queen Sessions?

TQS: To inspire women like me who sometimes need a little extra push or reminder that you have that crown on your head. In the near future we will get heavier on topics but right now we are feeling out the vibe and watching the pattern of article reads.

BA: The Queen Sessions is always updated on what is going in the culture. How do you constantly stay aware of what’s relevant?

TQS: We try, but it is tough. We are literally a small team going against mega brands like Essence and Xo Necole. So we try to discuss it but make it more relatable and personal so readers feel a genuine connection with us.

BA: Where would you like to see The Queen Sessions in the next five years?

TQS: I see us growing into digital content and holding in studio interviews, even if we rent the space, that would be awesome. I see us on red carpets of small films interviewing the up and comers. I also hope we hold our own small conferences teaching self love and ambition in the 10 year future. A queen can dream right? lol

BA: Lastly, who are the top people that you’d like to interview for TQS?

TQS: BEYONCE! That would be the day.

Malala Yousafzai: She is a boss hands down!!! I want to meet her and ask her what was the last straw before she said forget this, women should want to have an education too!

Gina Rodriguez: She uses her voice to promote human rights and the fact that there is more than one kind of Latina in the world. She is a proud Afro-Latina and I love that. People often tend to forget Spaniards owned slaves too and there is a prominent number of Afro-Latinas in this world. this whole movement is beautiful to me.

BA: I am so honored to interview this amazing blog. I love all of the inspiring content that is put out. Be sure you all go check out www.thequeensessions.com for more.

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