Why You Can't Get Rid of Your Ex

We've all had or have that one person and/or "ex" that we can't get rid of. That person that we just can't seem to shake no matter how hard we try. If you haven't dealt with this personally then you've defiantly seen this unfold with your friends, family members and even in some of your favorite television shows. On the ABC series we see Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) go through a crazy cycle of going back and forth with her ex. She even starts new relationships with other people but yet and still she always goes back. This situation is relatable to so many people. Will you ever move on?

Here are five reasons why you to can't get rid of your ex.....

1. Every time they call you make yourself available!

Being unavailable to your ex is so important when you are trying to detach yourself from them. If you are always there when they call you will not be able to move on at all. They will continue to depend on you for everything and eventually you will be back in that toxic situation. Next time they call on you tell them absolutely NOT!! Remember they are your EX for a reason!

2. You haven't received closure......

Some relationships end abruptly and we don't get a chance to get the closure we need to properly move on. Schedule some time to meet with your ex and ask all of the questions you need to fulfill your heart. Prepare yourself to possibly not hear exactly what you want.

3. You're still aware of their every move!

We've all fallen victim of stalking social media pages. When you're dealing with a break up the best thing to do is unfriend and unfollow (maybe even block) because if you don't you will be constantly checking your ex's social media pages. Stalking their page will only make you more obsessive with what they are doing. Maybe once you're over the person you can add them back but until then you need to stop all contact.

4. You still have things that remind you of them

During a breakup you need to get rid of all things that remind you of your ex!! I'm not advising you to destroy their personal belongings but get rid of things like pictures and text messages. Keeping these things will give you a constant reminder of the relationship. Just LET IT GO!!

5. You're still in the house moping around

Grab your girlfriends and go on a quick trip or have a night out on the town !! Don't sit around in the house being sad. Life is too short and you WILL find someone else. Always remember that things happen for reason and that if it's meant to be it will come back. In the meantime GO HAVE A GOOD TIME !!!

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