Decorating Your Dorm Room For Under $100

Decorating your dorm room is the most exciting part of moving into your new space. You begin scrolling through Pinterest to come up with ideas and color schemes. Before you know it you’re wish list is more than your budget.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite color scheme; now it’s time for the fun part. When shopping for dorm decorations keep it simple, and stick to the decorations you’ll actually use around your room. For my first dorm room I wanted a cozy room with simple decorations that reminded me of home.

There’s several places to find a comforter set under $40 that’ll come with a comforter, pillow shams, bed sheets, and a small decorative pillow. To add some color to your bed you can find one or two small decorative pillows under $15 at a Marshalls, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or Walmart.

Once you’ve found the comforter that you love, there’s some small decorations you can add to your shopping list. To make your room cozy yet sophisticated you can find a small fur rug or fur throw for under $19 at Marshalls or Target.

To add a little sparkle to your dorm room Christmas lights are perfect and inexpensive. A box of Christmas lights can be found at Walmart for under $5. Adding your favorite photos to your room can add some character especially if they’re hung up with your Christmas lights.

Adding a large pop of color can make all the difference giving off a calm vibe to your new room with a tapestry. Tapestry’s come in all different sizes, color schemes, and designs. You can pick up a tapestry for under $15 at your local smoke shop or it can be ordered from Amazon.

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