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Instagram is one of my favorite places to go when looking for some style inspo! I love to see how people put their outfits together and also how I can recreate some of their looks. These ladies give my timeline major style and inspire me when creating an outfit !

Alyssa Forever

Alyssa Forever maybe known for her beautiful makeup looks on YouTube but I love her even more for her amazing style sense. Alyssa shows us that you don't always have to wear heels to be fashion forward. She always has cool sporty outfits paired with one of kind sneakers and even throws in a pair of pumps once and a while!

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Jerrika Karlae

Jerrikka's style is super trendy and fun with her unique looks and vibrant hair colors. Most of the time she's in labels like Chanel, Gucci or YSL. She has a way of adding her personal touch to each look.

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Chloe x Halle

When I think of Chloe and Halle's style I think of fun, fresh and fashion forward. I love that they are are one yet so different. They both are always on trend but somehow they make the trend their very own. I am excited to see their styles evolve.

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Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders is the creator of Sorella Boutique, a very popular vintage clothing boutique in LA. Her style I'd describe as edgy yet simplistic. She effortlessly bodies each outfit with her cool Cali vibe.

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Slick Woods

Most of first seen Slick Woods as the face of Rihanna's makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. As soon as I saw her face I was immediately drawn to her unique look and style. Slick has this daring , sexy and edgy vibe about her. I love that she is fearless when it comes to her style. She definitely stands out and is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and modeling industry.

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Brianna Shanee

Brianna Shanee is the creator and muse behind Working Girl, Matte Brand and most recently a raw Indian hair line, INCHES. Brianna's style reminds me of the early 2000s. She always brings back vintage pieces and makes them wearable today. She is definitely a trendsetter in the fashion game.

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Anaya Roderick

Anaya is a wardrobe stylist and owner of clothing boutique, NAYA VISTA. Her style is very chic , sexy and playful. Anaya has fun with her looks and she represents style so gracefully.

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Sherlina Nym

Sherlina was one of my first style crush's on Instagram. I love her simplistic style sense. The pieces that she puts together reminds me that less is always more. She is another one that can rock both sneakers and heels so well.

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Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah Jay's style is one of my favorite because she makes her street wear look super sexy. I love her pose and confidence. She puts on for the petite curvy girls of the world.

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