Trusting the process.... God's plan

We constantly hear the phrase "trust the process”. How come it’s so much easier said than done? I wish I could just tell myself to relax and let things fall where they may but it’s just not that easy. “Trusting the process” truly comes with growth and maturity. You have to go through somethings in life to fully understand the act of trusting the process. Although I still struggle with this, over the years I have became better with believing that my misfortunes are all a part of my journey. You have to come to the realization that everything you are going through will ultimately result in a win for you. The ups and downs in life provides us with the experiences that we need to be equipped for the greatness that is yet to come. We also have to remember that God has all of our lives perfectly planned out the way that he sees fit so there’s no need to worry. Whatever is meant to happen will happen.

“God’s rejection is our protection.”

This quote means so much to me because sometimes when God closes a door on us we feel like it is the end but that isn’t true at all. Once God shows you what he really has planned for you, you will appreciate him closing certain doors. He has it all mapped out for us. Remember to always let things flow and never try to over power what God is working on for you in your life. I really hope that this helps someone and warms their heart.

Comment below your experiences with “trusting the process” and also share this with someone you think needs this.

Have a great week!

Brigethia Arai

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