Why The Beyonce Vogue US Cover Is So Important

The highly anticipated Vogue September issue has finally been released to the world. The September Vogue issue the most important and most influential for Vogue Magazine. It’s editorial spread sets the tone for new trends and always features a-list celebrities. This year’s cover had a lot of attention around it because not only is Beyonce featured on the cover but she hired a young African American photographer, Tyler Mitchell to take her photos. Tyler Mitchell is the first African American individual to shoot a Vogue cover.

Beyonce shared in her interview that she believes that it is important for her to open door for younger artist . She believes that opening these doors will allow a different point of view for people who may feel like their voice doesn’t matter.

“Until there is a mosaic of perspectives coming from different ethnicities behind the lens, we will continue to have a narrow approach and view of what the world actually looks like. That is why I wanted to work with this brilliant 23-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell.”

Beyonce went on to explain that if people in powerful positions continue to hire people who look like them , sound like them , people who come from the same neighborhoods as them, they will never have a greater understanding of experiences different than their own. If they continue to hire the same artists , the same models , the same actors , we will all lose.

“ The beauty of social media is it’s completely democratic. Everyone has a say. Everyone’s voice counts, and everyone has a chance to paint the world from their own perspective.”

Check out the full article https://www.vogue.com/article/beyonce-september-issue-2018/amp .

Check out Tyler’s portfolio at tylermitchell.co

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Brigethia Arai

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