Let's Talk About Setting Boundaries!

This post contains spoilers from the Season 3 premiere of HBO’s “Insecure.”

HBO's hit series " Insecure" returned last Sunday with some interesting takeaways. The season 3 premiere was centered around Molly admitting to herself that she was uncomfortable with Dro's open marriage. Molly let's him know that they need to establish boundaries because their situation-ship is starting to become too much for her. Molly is realizing that this thing with Dro isn't just a fling anymore and that she is starting to get feelings. She is also realizing that Dro will never be fully hers because he already has a life partner.

Many feel that Molly shouldn't have got herself in this messy open marriage situation and that she should've set boundaries with Dro along time ago. I believe that setting boundaries with all relationships (even friends/family) are so important because it allows everyone to feel understood and respected. When we don't don't set boundaries feelings get hurt and someone can end up feeling used and mistreated. Another takeaway from this premiere episode is that transparency is KEY!! If Molly was initially transparent with Dro when they started their fling he wouldn't of got so comfortable with their situation. Molly wasn't thinking about the long run of how things could turn out with her and Dro.

Comment below what you thought about last week's episode and if you're watching tonight. Also, comment your thoughts on setting boundaries!


Brigethia Arai

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