28 Influential African Americans: Yvonne Orji

Black History Month is finally here!!!! Each day this month we will be honoring African Americans who uplifts our culture and exemplifies BLACK EXCELLENCE.

Yvonne Orji is a Nigerian-American actress and comedian best known for her role as Molly in the HBO series Insecure. She has opened for Chris Rock’s worldwide comedy tour, recently stared in the movie Night School with Kevin Hart, she is the creator of First Gen, a semi-autobiographical of being first generation Nigerian-American and trying to make it as a young woman in comedy.

Orji uses her platform to speak on her Nigerian culture and how her parents expected her to become a doctor. She had to convince them that she could make it in as an actress/comedian.She even went on to receive her bachelor's degree in sociology and doubled majored in biology and public heath from George Washington University. After that she went to graduate school and got her master's in public health. All while she was furthering her education she had a dream to work in entertainment. Even though she went to college to please her parents she still didn't give up on her dreams and worked very hard to obtain them.

It took Yvonne 7 years to get her first break in the entertainment business. In 2016 she landed her first role in the HBO series Insecure and she did it without a manager or agent. Her story is so relatable and that is why she is loved. Yvonne Orji is living proof that hard work and dedication truly pays off!!

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