Consent Is Sexy!

On a recent episode of the Freeform series grown-ish there was a conversation about the importance of consent while having sex. Oftentimes we hear stories about women AND men being taken advantage of while intoxicated (sometimes even being sober). The term they used in the episode is “Enthusiastic Sober Content”. Asking for permission while in the act. Do you think asking for mission along the way takes the fun out of everything ?!

With everything going on in the world I believe that it is so important to ask permission especially if alcohol is involved If you’re in a situation where the person you’re going to have relations with is completely out of wack (under the influence) just let them go to sleep because it isn’t worth it. Taking that risk is just not a good idea.

Thanks to campaigns like #METOO so many women are speaking out now more about being abused. It takes a lot of courage to speak up on something so personal. Also, there are so many college students going through this all the time. It is also important to come up with some type of agreement with your friends when you go out. Keep an eye on each other throughout the night and make a rule that if you're too wasted to not let you leave with anyone. Be sure that when you go to the bathroom to take a friend with and never go alone.

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