28 Influential African Americans: Will Packer

Black History Month is finally here!!!! Each day this month we will be honoring African Americans who uplifts our culture and exemplifies BLACK EXCELLENCE.

Will Packer is an African American film producer and a founder of Will Packer Productions and Will Packer Media.

He has been included in several mainstream lists such as The Hollywood Reporter's "40(ish) Most Powerful People in Comedy, GIANT magazine's "The GIANT 100", Jet magazine's "Who's Hot To Watch in 2008" and Black Enterprise's "Most Powerful Players Under 40." As of 2018, Packer has produced or executive produced 28 films (including Girls Trip, Ride Along and Think Like a Man) that have grossed worldwide over $1 billion combined at the box office.

Packer is considered the “it” producer in the Hollywood black film industry. He says that his career really took off with the film Stomp The Yard in 2007. Although every movie he’s produced since has been a box office hit, he is still faced with many battles being a black producer in a historically white film industry. Packer doesn’t let that effect his work at all. Instead, he is determined to pave the way for people of all ethnicity. He is all about being inclusive and prides himself in making content for the under-served audience (people of color).

Packer is all about creating opportunities for people of color as well as showcasing the black community in positive light. We appreciate all that you do . Thank you for using your power and platform to continuously tell our story. Keep inspiring us !!!

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