Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Met Gala

We are less than one week away from one of the most important days in fashion! The 2019 Met Gala will be held on Monday, May 6, 2019 in New York at the the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. A night filled with celebrities strutting the most luxurious and opulent clothes and jewelry they can find.

Each year fashion lovers anxiously await for the Institute to announce its new theme; last year it was Heavenly Bodies. Rihanna had everyone raving about her iconic pope costume.  This year it is Camp: Notes on Fashion. The more ambiguous title for this year might make some fans wonder: what exactly is Camp? The theme is based on an essay by renowned critic Susan Sontag where she describes that it is the love of exaggeration, and artificiality. Camp is being loved by the audience for taking a risk and trying something bizarre that is meant to separate the masses.

The theme of the Gala is the single most important piece of the night because it defines the attire for each person walking the red carpet. It allows fashion to speak louder than those wearing it. Knowing how celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Priyanka Chopra love to make bold fashion choices, we can expect magnificently large and bright dresses that defy fashion and flirt with art itself.

The Gala happens as a way to announce the Costume Institute’s opening night of their annual fashion exhibit. It allows actors, singers, models, and designers to use their wealth and influence for good and help fundraise for the young creative minds at the fashion institute, named after Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief.

It seems as if each year there is a particular dress or celebrity that sticks with each pop-culture aficionado. Who can forget Ariana Grande’s Sistine Chapel dress? Or Rihanna’s canary yellow royalty gown? Not to mention Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin’s almost relationship announcement. There is room to dream, get inspired or just escape dull reality, but it is most fun to bet on who will wear the loudest and most impactful dress. My choice? The co-host herself, Lady Gaga.

Mark your calendar, make your bets and most of all, dare with your fashion sense because fashion is about creativity and creativity has no price. 

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