Are you #TeamMolly or #TeamIssa?

SPOILER ALERT: We've waited over a year and a half for season four of Insecure. The first episode was full of surprises and led everyone to think about the dynamic of Molly and Issa's friendship. Like always, Issa is in a crazy situation learning that her business partner Condola is dating her ex Lawrence. As awkward as this situation is Issa tries to move past it and continue to work with Condola on her block party. When Issa went to confide in her best friend Molly about this issue she was completely shut down and was accused of loving messy situations. Now that isn't a crazy claim for Molly to make if you think about Issa's past issues. On the other side of things, Molly isn't taking into count that Issa has matured and still went on to work with Condola putting her feelings to the way side.

After this episode aired, viewers felt like they had to chose a side between Issa and Molly. They seemed so divided towards the end of the show. We've seen them argue and be in disagreements before but this time was different. Both Molly and Issa have valid points in this. One of the best things about friendships is that you vent each other about your problems but when you see a cycle of behaviors it's important to call your friend out on it. Who want's a friend that doesn't tell them the truth when they are not making the best decisions? Are we really even friends if I can't be honest with you?

To look at this through a different lens, sometimes when you vent to your friend you aren't looking for a response but to just be heard. That is a common mistake we've all made at some point in our lives. Sometimes we are so quick to respond and without taking a second to think maybe that's not my friend needs from me right now. Maybe they just need a listening ear. At the same time, there are moments where things just need to be said and you have to be honest with your friend. If you realize that you're consistently in toxic situations maybe you need to reevaluate your part in what is happening. Self reflection is always a great for growth. We ALL have things that we need to work on.

It will be interesting to see the direction of Issa and Molly's friendship this season because it could go so many ways. Will Molly and Issa have a heart to heart conversation about the state of their friendship? Will Issa decide to fall back from Molly with no explanation? Will Molly try to act like nothing happened? Will Issa and Condola become closer during this time? Will Molly get jealous of Issa and Condola's friendship? There are so many questions to be asked.

Comment below if you are Team Issa or Team Molly or even if you aren't picking a side let us know what you think about last week's episode. Season four of Insecure airs on HBO every Sunday at 10p.m. EST.

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